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Find answers to your questions & ways to support Ramsay school  students here!

  • What is the Stampede Parking Fundraiser?
    One of the main fundraising opportunities for Ramsay Elementary school, our school community runs a parking lot for Stampede patrons at the top of Ramsay Hill!
  • Where do funds raised through this fundraiser go?
    We believe that all Ramsay school families should have equal access to learning enrichment's. All funds raised go directly to Ramsay School students and ensure finances are not a barrier to participation. Past fundraisers helps paid for field trips, sport/art based residencies, classroom materials, gym equipment, technology, school events and so much more.
  • Can I volunteer for a parking fundraiser shift?
    Yes! We are happy you asked! Anyone who would like to support our school and volunteer for a parking shift, is welcome to help out. The sign up link can be found under the Volunteer section of our website or by clicking this link below:
  • How else can I support Ramsay school kids & this fundraiser?
    Tell everyone you know! This year we have both printable and digital flyers available for anyone to download and distribute. Tell your work, your family, your friends... even your book club! Thank you for helping spread the word, Ramsay kids appreciate you!
  • Can I share your poster to my own networks/social media sites?
    Yes! Here is a printable version of our flyer and social media-ready posts:
  • Who do I contact if I have questions about your fundraiser?
    Please email our event organizer at:
  • When will access be restricted on the Hill?
    Calgary Parking Authority will staff two entrance points between the hours of 7:00pm - 11:00pm, from July 6 - 16, 2023. The Stampede fireworks are a popular event and CPA restricts traffic to ensure emergency access to the hill.
  • Can I enter through the fundraiser entrance at Spiller & Margaret?
    Unfortunately, no. We are required by the Calgary Parking Authority (CPA) to keep our fundraiser entrance separate from the resident entrances. Please respect our volunteers as they work - they are Ramsay school parents and your neighbors.
  • I live on Ramsay hill, what entrances can I use to access my property?
    Calgary Parking Authority will control two resident entrances after 7pm. They are located at Spiller/Burns & Bellevue/Macdonald.
  • Can my guests or delivery drivers use the fundraiser entrance?
    No, per our agreement with CPA, we are not allowed to let anyone through our entrance unless they have paid for parking at the top of the hill.
  • What should I tell my delivery driver? It can be confusing!
    Here is a sample message to use in the delivery notes section: "Delivery drivers are not permitted entrance to Ramsay hill without a permit between the hours of 7-11pm. I will meet you at __ corner of the following intersection ______ to receive my delivery."

Thank you Ramsay!

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