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Lot Location & entrance before 7:00pm

We are located at 2102 Ramsay Street SE.
Proceed directly to this address to park between 8:00am-7:00pm.

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Lot entrance after 7:00pm

Between  7:00pm - 11:00pm, our entrance is at the intersection of Spiller and Margaret.


All other entrances are for Ramsay residents only due to fireworks traffic management.

Our parking entrance changes because public access to the hill closes.  CPA restricts entry to Ramsay hill so that emergency access can be maintained during the fireworks. 

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What kinds of payment do you take?

We accept credit/debit (tap) or exact cash payment.
For saftey reasons, our volunteers do not carry cash and are not able to provide change.

I arrived before your lot opened, can I still park?


Follow the signs and proceed into our parking lot to park.  Be mindful that each stall  is indicated by our stakes, please park in between them.


When they arrive, our volunteers will take note of your vehicle and ask for payment when you leave for the day.

Please remember, this is a fundraiser for our school kids, we appreciate your honesty.

Can I park overnight?

We understand that Stampede is a good time and our first priority is that everyone arrives home safe!


If you need to leave your vehicle overnight, please return before 11:00am the following day.  If exiting after 11am, you will be charged an additional day of parking.  Cars parked in our lot for over 24/hrs will be towed.

Overnight Camping; RV's & Trailers are not allowed.

What types of vehicles are allowed?

Standard passenger style vehicles only.

Our ball field is not conducive to heavier vehicles - such as camper vans or passenger vans (12-15 seats).

What is the shuttle schedule?

For those who need it, our shuttle hours run alongside the Stampede opening hours, until 1:30am each night. (Stampede hours are linked below) Shuttle will run every 20-30 minutes (frequency increases in peak hours). The shuttle service is generously provided to us by the Calgary Stampede and drivers are volunteers, donating their time.

What does your shuttle look like?

DAYTIME Shuttle pickup point:

In front of the Rainbow Fish/Enmax park gate, near to the Ramsay Inclusive Playground.

NIGHTTIME Shuttle pickup point:

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Inside the Stampede grounds by the bridge leading into Elbow River Camp. After 10pm, there are 2 shuttles with service into Ramsay. Confirm with your driver (her name should be Andra) that this shuttle is heading to the Ramsay School Lot - not Lot 25.

Returning to the lot after 10pm:

At 10pm the Macdonald entrance closes to pedestrians to respect the residents of Elbow River Camp. Expect our shuttle service from the Weadick Crossing Bridge pick up point to be slower - due to crowds & traffic. It is not uncommon for the shuttle to take 30-45 minutes per trip. The best walking route at this time of night, is to exit via the Erlton entrance (25th Street & MacLeod Trail) which is a 1.3km walk to our lot. Our address: 2102 Ramsay Street SE We are actively working with the Stampede to improve our - After 10pm - shuttle service. Thank you for understanding and for supporting our students!

Why should I park with you?

All funds raised go directly to support our school and kids! The Ramsay school Stampede parking fundraiser allows us to cover school costs which are not covered by the Calgary Board of education. We believe that all students should have equal access to learning enrichments and parking with us allows us to accomplish this. Ramsay school kids thank you for supporting our school!

I have more questions!

Please email our fundraiser coordinator at:

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