Stampede and Fireworks Parking


Seasonal Parking: July 7 - 17, 2022


July 7 - 5 pm to midnight

July 8 & 9 - 11 am to midnight

July 10 - 10 am to midnight

July 11, 12, 13, 14 - 12 pm to midnight

July 15, 16, 17 - 11 am to midnight

Prepay online and show your receipt at the entrance to park one block from Scotman's Hill. Get access to the best stampede fireworks viewing in town!

The parking lot is one block from Scotman's Hill which overlooks Calgary Stampede. We are a short 10 minute stroll to the Calgary Stampede grounds, or take the free shuttle, with pickup and drop off to and from Calgary Stampede and the parking lot.

*Purchasing tickets in advance is highly recommended*

*No overnight parking*

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Why Should I Park Here?

The funds raised go toward supporting the students of Ramsay Elementary School.

We are the cheapest parking option this close to the Calgary Stampede (compare with other lots that charge $20 - 25).

We are a short walk to Stampede Grounds and the Calgary Stampede has provided a free shuttle.

This is the ONLY way you will be able to drive up to Scotman's Hill for fireworks in the evenings if you don't live in Ramsay. Parking Authority will be controlling access every evening during stampede.

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Where Do I Park?

Our parking lot is one block from the famous Scotman's Hill in the field beside Ramsay Rink. Do not park in the school parking lot as those spots are for reserved trailer parking only.

Entrance BEFORE 5:30 pm is at the parking lot entrance - 2040 Ramsay Street SE, Calgary, AB (red star)

Entrance STARTING AT 5:30 pm is at the intersection of Spiller Road and Margaret Street SE - 2223 Spiller Road SE, Calgary, AB (blue star)


How Do I Pay?

We now have tap and can take credit/debit on site.

You can also pre-pay online before you come, through the main page of this website. You can just show us your receipt and drive on in.

We can also take exact cash payment (we are unable to provide change). 


How Do I Get to Stampede Grounds from the Parking Lot and Back?

Take the free Calgary Stampede provided courtesy shuttle (7 passenger white GMC Yukon - Vehicle #15) from the lot to stampede grounds and back again.

The shuttle pick up/drop off locations are:

- Daytime/early evening by the Rainbow Fish by Ramsay Inclusive Playground (outside the grounds). Hours and locations in red.

- Late evening by Weadick Pedestrian Bridge (inside stampede grounds). Hours and location in black.

Look for the Ramsay Rink Shuttle Stop signs.

*Please note shuttle hours of operation. The shuttle does not run between 1:30 - 5:30 pm most days and also does not run between 8:30 - 10:00 pm daily. 

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Shuttle 2.GIF
Weadick Bridge.JPG
Courtesy Shuttle 1.JPG
Courtesy Shuttle 2.JPG
Map to CS MacDonald Entrance_edited_edited.jpg

How Do I Walk to Stampede Grounds?

If you prefer to walk or the shuttle is not in service, there are two walking routes to get you to the MacDonald Avenue Entrance (closest Stampede Entrance to the parking lot). The MacDonald Avenue Entrance hours are 11 am to 10 pm daily.

The blue route (10 minutes) takes you down through Scotman's Hill and uses the bike path that runs behind the Stampede Grounds. This route has stairs so it is not recommended for people with mobility challenges or strollers/wagons. It may not be the best route to take when it's dark as the bike path is not well-lit.

The yellow route (15 minutes) is the scenic route that takes you through the neighbourhood and around to the Enmax Park entrance. No stairs.


What Do I Do If I Arrive Before the Parking Lot Opens?

If you get to the parking lot before opening hours, please park your vehicle in the field. Volunteers will check for proof of payment when you leave the lot. 

If you have prepaid online, you just need to show your receipt when you leave or leave a print out of your receipt on the dash. If you haven't prepaid, you can pay through the volunteers when leaving the lot.

Please note, Calgary Stampede opens at 11 am daily, except for July 10, 12, and 13 when they open earlier.


How Do I Park in the Field?

Volunteers will help direct you to park. If you arrive before opening hours, please ensure you park your vehicle in between 2 stakes (bottom picture) so you do not take up more than 1 parking spot.


Can I Park Overnight?

No - our lot is for day parking only.
Vehicles must be out of the lot by midnight each day.